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Staghorn Handle Wading Staff-Gamefish

Antler Thumbstick Wading Staff

Classic Canes
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A very useful and attractive wading staff for the sensible fisherman.  The antler handle is V shaped, so that it can be comfortably held with the thumb in the V.  The shaft is made from hazel wood, which is highly esteemed for the colour and texture of its bark.  The shaft is weighted so that, when the fisherman is casting, the staff does not float to the surface and become tangled with his line.  It offers support and balance when wading in a fast flowing stream, and being fitted with a rubber ferrule, minimises the noise and vibration that could alarm the fish.  

It is also fitted with an adjustable bungee cord to keep it close to the body when required.  

Overall height approximately 135cm (53").  

Item weight is approximately 830g.