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RIO InTouch Pike/Musky Intermediate Fly Line

RIO InTouch Pike/Musky Intermediate Fly Line

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SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR the demands of the Pike/Musky fly fisher

• Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum sensitivity and performance
• Short, powerful front taper to easily cast typical streamers
• Heavier than the AFTMA standard to load powerful rods

RIO’s Pike/Musky line has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the modern Pike and Musky fly fisher. It features a short head and a powerful front taper that has no problem casting the biggest of streamers. The line is heavier than the industry standard to load powerful rods with ease, and is built with a supple, coldwater coating that features RIO’s XS and AgentX technologies for the very best in performance. A range of densities are available to cover a multitude of conditions. Built with ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology for the maximum in sensitivity, control and performance.

  • DualTone- Marks the sweet spot of a fly line by providing an obvious color change in the line at the sweet spot.
  • Front Welded Loop- A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the front of the fly line for fast rigging.
  • Back Welded Loop - A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the end of the fly line for fast rigging to backing.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Clive Marshall
    Rio In Touch Pike WF10/I

    This is an excellent line, it even works well with an 8wt. rod. The story is I gave my last one away to the most successful salmon angler I have ever known. In spite of inheriting a wast collection of Hardy rods from his father he always fished with the same 12ft cane "Scotty" rod [with a stiffish action]. He always cast 'over head' style using an old 'double tapper' for which he was unable to find a satisfactory replacement, that was until I lent him my Rio. It is difficult to find an over head, non tropical line, that balances with a double hander.