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Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Magnum Tropic WF12-Gamefish

Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Magnum Tropic WF12

Scientific Anglers
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The Sharkskin fly line is named, quite deliberately, in reflection of the nature of its texture.  Like the skin of a real shark, the Sharkskin fly line has a unique feel based on a surface geometry that delivers some important performance advantages.  “Scientific Anglers Sharkskin technology is a precise texturing process that embosses the surface of the fly line coating with a repeating geometric micro-pattern. The finished surface is no longer smooth, no longer exhibits unwanted line flash, and can be optimized via the engineered shape, depth, and frequency of the pattern to yield greatly improved line-to-water floatation, casting performance, and overall line suppleness and durability

  • The hot weather version of the Magnum taper
  • Half-line heavy for today's high-performance rods
  • Handles large flies and heavy winds with ease
  • Unique front taper turns over weighted and unweighted flies without unwanted kick
  • High floatation and easy lift off the water gets you back in the air for the next cast quickly
  • Sharkskin pattern delivers no tangle shooting
  • Tropi-Core™ for warm to hot conditions