Amazon starting to pull air rifle pellets!!

Amazon starting to pull air rifle pellets!!

For those that dont know, we (gamefish) sell air rifle pellets on amazon. We also sell on ebay and it simply gives us another avenue to reach more customers. In the summer months we stock and sell a large range of air rifle pellets as well as other products relating to shooting.

Strangely, in the last month or so Amazon has pulled a number of the most popular air rifle pellets. These are products that we've sold on amazon for years with no issues but now it seems that amazon have decided to remove them from their site.

We contacted amazon and received the following statement;

"The sale of expandable ammunition for all firearms (including BB guns) is prohibited on".

"expandable ammunition" is a grey area but of course the sale of air rifle pellets is legal in the UK.

The pellets that have been removed are;

We wouldn't be surprised if more get removed.

The good news is that there are no selling restrictions on our website or in store so ordering pellets directly through us is unchanged. If you dont find what you're looking for please give us a call.

Gamefish Team

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