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Birchwood Casey

Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Stock Finish - Gun Stock Finish

Birchwood Casey Tru-Oil Stock Finish - Gun Stock Finish

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There is no better oil finish! Tru-Oil® Gun Stock Finish has been the professional’s choice for gunstock finishing for more than 30 years. Its unique blend of linseed and other natural oils dries fast, resists water damage and will not cloud, yellow or crack with age. Excellent as a sealer for under butt plates, recoil pads and in inletted actions to prevent stock damage. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Aled Jones (aled24)
Good service

If you like a deep shine which brings out the grain then this product is for you.

You only need a small amount so you could do several stocks with it.

Good stuff

I have been using tru-oil for years, Easy to use and gives the best finish. Quick delivery.

Jeff Baines (je-83341)
Great Item

amazing product, i am using this for a guitar project, i am amazed at the coverage and the sheen that it gives. i have already orderes more for another project, this is much better than varnish. its a bit harder work but worth it.

excellent service and very quick delivery also.

thank you.

Phil Philippou (phil93110)
Arrived on time.

Arrived on time we’ll packed.
Wasn’t sure at first if it was genuine because the labelling is not the same as all the dozens of bottles I have previously bought over the last 15 years but was assured by gamefish that this is birchwood Casey’s newest label. I haven’t tried it yet so hopefully it will be okay.

Andrew Ward (andwa-5454)
Can not review as it has not arrived yet

Not arrived yet