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Chestnut Thumbstick + Bark

Chestnut Thumbstick + Bark

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A very traditional long stick, beloved of country people.  Called a 'thumbstick' because of the natural 'V' in the handle, which is comfortable to hold with one's thumb resting in the 'V'.  It is made from chestnut wood, a favourite for rustic sticks. Sometimes the bark is removed from chestnut sticks, but in this example it has been left on to give the stick an interesting appearance and texture.  

Fitted with a Combi-spike ferrule (a removable rubber ferrule fitted over a spiked one, so that the stick may be used on both hard and soft surfaces).  

  • Overall height approximately 144cm (57").  
  • Item weight is approximately 385g.


NOTE: We are unable to ship this product due to the long length. It is only available in-store. Please call for more information.

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