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Harrisons of Yorkshire

Lightweight (Trout) Wading Staff

Lightweight (Trout) Wading Staff

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Harrison’s of Yorkshire, the best made better in Yorkshire.
Introducing the Lightweight Wading Staff, specifically designed
and altered to aid you to fish in the most demanding of conditions
where you don’t want to think about reliability.

The Lightweight (Trout) Wading Staff has been specifically designed for careful
stalking in smaller streams and rivers, where stealth and concealment are key. With
an overall wading staff length of 59 1⁄2” giving the user the ability to wade safely giving
a significantly increased level of stability and reach, to better aid the anglers’
understanding of any obstacles or undulations that you come across. With a reduced
weight compared to its Heavyweight (Salmon) brother weighing in at 2lb you do not
have to worry about the grounding ability of the boot but will aid you in the lighter

With a premium grade lanyard securing the Lightweight Wading Staff to the angler via
a shear clip leading to the specifically designed elongated x-wrap non-slip grip
handle to provide you with the grip security when faced with wet hands. A coated
shaft reduces and masks contact noise in the water and leads to a high grip rubber boot.

Made from premium grade materials sourced locally and made in North

• 59 1⁄2” overall Staff length.
• Heavyweight 2lb overall.
• High grip rubber boot.
• X-Wrap Non-Slip Handle Grip.
• Shear Clip (Safety mechanism).
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