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RIO Elite Scandi Launch Shooting Head

RIO Elite Scandi Launch Shooting Head

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The Scandi Launch is an all-new series of high-performance shooting heads designed to maximise the fun of fishing small flies on floating lines. Each size has been meticulously tuned for two criteria. First, a unique series of steps in the taper concentrates weight at the back of the head, putting more weight in the D loop and making it easy to load the rod. Second, each head's front taper and tip diameters have been selected to turn over delicately for the most graceful presentations. Whether fishing a tapered nylon leader or a slightly heavier VersiLeader, the Scandi Launch delivers flies quietly and efficiently. Fishing “fine and far off” has been the aspiration of two-handed anglers for decades, and the Scandi Launch makes it more fun than ever. A shooting line is required to make this head fishable.

**Use with RIO Versileaders for increased depth control and presentation (Available separately)**

RIO Medium Versileader – Scandi lines #8 and below

RIO Heavy Versileader – Scandi lines #9 and above

  • Higher tip diameter for turning over long tapered leaders or heavier VersiLeaders
  • Unique taper concentrates weight in D-loop for easier load and powerful casts
  • Redesigned front taper for delicate turnover and graceful presentations
  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Plus for maximum performance
  • Built with RIO’s exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating
  • EasyID to quickly and easily identify each line.
  • Front welded loop for fast rigging.
  • Back welded loop for fast rigging to backing.
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Customer Reviews

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Loop scandi launch

Seems a really nice line , shoots well. The price was great.

david black (blacky19558)
Rio scandi elite launch

Excellent service and excellent communication from gamefish