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RIO Premier Perception - Floating Trout Fly Line

RIO Premier Perception - Floating Trout Fly Line

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The RIO PERCEPTION is an easy casting, general purpose fly line that casts nymphs, dry flies, streamers and soft hackles with ease. The short head makes this a particularly good line on smaller rivers and lakes when long-distance line control is not necessary. The line features MaxFloat Tip Technology, RIO's proprietary tip
coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular line tips, without any increase in diameter.

In addition, this line is built with SlickCast, creating the slickest, most durable coating on the market—producing the least amount of friction ever measured in a fly line.

  • Dual Tone
  • Easy ID Tag
  • Front Loop
  • Back Loop
  • Easy casting taper design for great all-around performance
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast
  • Shorter head length for quick loading and ideal on smaller rivers and lakes
  • EasyID on front and back taper for fast line recognition

The slickest, most durable fly lines ever made - RIO's incredible SlickCast from RIO Products on Vimeo.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Good line, let down by excessive memory

Regrettably, the line has a lot more memory than I would have liked - I have 3 other Rio lines and none have this issue, so it came as a surprise; especially for a line of this price.
Once you've straightened the line out, it does cast very well and the head length and profile are ideal for loading the rod quickly and easily, without requiring excessive false casts. It's just a shame that the line coils up again, as soon as you wind the line back onto your spool, to move between swims... :(

Anthony Bevan

Not had chance to use this line yet, but I know the Rio pedigree. Easy ordering and fast delivery. Happy.