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Sumo Suction Rodmounts Rod Carriers

Sumo Suction Rodmounts Rod Carriers

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Use any type fishing rod.

  • SUMO can transport up to 6 rods of all types
  • Staggering or offsetting the rods so the reels don’t interfere with each other provides more space

Four independent lever-lock suction mounts adhere to glass, aluminum, steel, plastic, fiberglass and carbon-fiber. Suction mounts can adhere to any smooth and non-porous surface. Most cars have steel body panels, however there is an increase in the use of aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber. Suction mounts work great on windshields and sunroofs. You can check your car with a refrigerator magnet.

  • Suction mounts feature a lever-lock mechanism that creates suction force when activated
  • Suction mounts can adhere to slightly curved surfaces found on most cars
  • Windshield mounting allows for easy use without standing on the doorsill to reach the roof

Adaptability and Leveling Ball and socket connections and vertical pivots provide unequaled flexibility to mount to any passenger vehicle. An additional ball and socket connection in the rod rest allows rods to always be level

SUMO’s unique ball and socket connections provide unsurpassed mounting capabilities. Ball and sockets allow SUMO to mount to more cars in more places than any other product in its category

  • Ball and sockets allow SUMO to be postioned out of the line of direct sight for driver and passengers – you can see where you’re going
  • The ability to mount SUMO close to the edge means easier use – you won’t have to lean way over or stand on your toes
  • Windshield mounting is possible as the connections can accommodate the steep angle
  • Windshield mounting also allows for easy use without standing on the doorsill to reach the roof
  • The connection at the rod rest adjusts so your rods are level and maximum contact for support of your rods 
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    Customer Reviews

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    Henry Ferris (hefer3)
    Rod rests

    Purchased sumo rod rests from gamefish and I was not disappointed. They are well built and a delight to use. Thank you.