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Vision Stillmaniac Fly Lines

Vision Stillmaniac Fly Lines

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Size/ Sink Rate

Stillmaniac lines are designed in conjunction with our Stillmaniac rods.

These together create the ultimate combo for stillwater fishing. Stillmaniac fly lines have a 13 meter head and a taper designed for long casts required by many stillwater anglers. The total length of 33m will ensure even the best casters won’t run out of line. In the front of the line we have an industry first tippet ring attachment for the leader. Very small, smooth and supple way to attach the leader to the fly line.

SloMo, Fast Inter, Sink 3 and Sink 5 are all same colour - Olive.

Colours listed in the chart below are the colour of the identifying sleeves.

This will keep your secret weapon hidden by spying eyes as it is impossible to identify the sinking rate from a far. The colour of the sleeve behind the front tippet ring and the print on it will make sure only you know what sink rate you are using. This is the go-to range of fly lines for competition anglers. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and it also transfers casting energy better than traditional cores. The ready made loop in the back makes it easy to attach to the backing. The print to identify between weights is behind the front tippet ring . Phthalate free.

  • Industry first tippet ring
  • Coloured identity sleeves
  • Long cast taper
  • Low stretch
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Customer Reviews

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fife's lone fisherman (fifefish0)
Vision fly line

Vision fly line from intermediate-d7 I have the slo mo previous to my order and was very impressed with it so bought the rest not had chance to use yet but all spooled up and waiting on d7 being delivered tomorrow and will fish them all Sunday for an hour a time ..
Reason I like is food quality line and only line I've come across with a tippet ring welded in end of line which for me leader doesn't cut in to fly line after couple times out also the fact all lines are same colour except tippet end so no1 knows what line you fishing except clear intermediate line of course .. delivery was a little late than stated on both orders but I don't mind this as long as it turns up in the end .. packaging was all good and also had good communication with the seller.. very good price on the 1st 4 lines and still good deal on 5th line as was still cheaper than rrp at 79.99 .. resulting happy customer now just gotta stretch the lines with a fish 🐟😁