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Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reels

Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reels

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The Vision XLV NYMPH fly reels, a super-narrow large arbour reel for the modern nymph fisherman. Thanks to the large arbour, you can quickly reel in any loose line and play fish off the reel, and a full-body rim prevents thin nymph lines and leaders from slipping and causing jams. The disc brake has been modified for lighter tippets and is super smooth with a 360-degree adjustment and we have added an EVA handle that provides a solid grip even in cold wet conditions. A matt black finish with green accents complements our Nymphmaniac fly fishing rods and minimises glare.

Available in two sizes

#4/5 Designed to weight  Nymphomaniac Fly Rods up to 10ft : Engraved Nymph decal

#5/6 Designed to weight  Nymphomaniac  Fly Rods over 10ft : Engraved Dry Fly decal

  • Full rim design
  • Lightweight models
  • Anodised
  • Large arbour with hidden counter balance
  • Adjustable smooth disc brake

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Customer Reviews

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Andy Marks (afmarks08)
Vision XLV Nymph & Dry reel with Nymphmaniac 10' 3 wt made me smile in the snow & rain today.

My XLV reel escaped its 8 day captivity in Los Angeles with Gamefish's help. Yesterday I set it up (20# braid, 45' DT .56mm line, 4m microthin EN leader, and a 1.5 mm tippet ring). Today I used it and my Nymphmaniac rod on a tailwater outside Park City (elev 1,900m). As I hiked downriver the rod and reel balanced on a finger under the grip's top edge. I bought the 5/6 XLV because its full frame doesn't eat thin lines on its large diameter, narrow width arbor, and because it's green/black with a nymph etching. It's very smooth, nearly silent, and never calls attention to itself. Did I mention it doesn't eat anything? The light was difficult, but I grinned when I saw the 12# Amnesia leader turning over to deliver a size 18 emerger and 20 soft hackle. I saw many good days ahead.